The UniCAVE project aims to build a plugin for Unity3D that provides support for CAVE environments utilizing features built into the engine.  This approach enables a user to configure their system entirely in the Unity3D editor providing a simplified method for supporting adapting existing Unity projects for distributed visualization platforms.

The concept for the plugin is to have a three step approach for integration:

This project is currently under development and is a work in progress.  Please feel free to contribute to this project or read over the documentation to learn if the plugin is right for you.

Current Features
  • Native Unity3D time synchronization via Unity’s timeScale feature to distributed synchronization
  • NetworkView RPC calls for synchronizing random seeds and dynamic objects
  • VRPN Unity plugin to handle tracking systems
  • In-editor preview of asymmetric view frustums

Works with:

Features in Development
  • Improved clustered input device support
  • Support for additional input devices (Kinect, Leap, Oculus Touch, etc.)
  • Improved “plug & play” features for clusters (reducing amount of code editing needed to adapt a scene)
Contribute to the Project

Checkout the project on GitHub: